World Tourism Conference, Manila


Peru - stamp for the World Tourism Conference, Manila 1980The World Tourism Conference 1980 was convened in Manila by the World Tourism Organization with the participation of 107 delegations of states and 91 delegations of observers. During the conference the Manila Declaration on World Tourism was agreed upon.


The Declaration touches upon all aspects and roles of tourism and considers the responsibility of states for the development and enhancement of tourism in present-day societies as more than a purely economic activity of nations and peoples. It states that ‘tourism does more harm than good to people and to societies in the Third World’. Most importantly, point 18 of the Agreement recognises that ‘The satisfaction of tourism requirements must not be prejudicial to the social and economic interest of the population in tourist areas, to the environment or, above all, to natural resources which are the fundamental attraction of tourism, and historical and cultural sites’.





The General Assembly resolution 36/41 of 19 November 1981 concerning the outcome of the conference.



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Azores                        17 September 1980

Bangladesh                  27 September 1980

Benin                          27 September 1980

Madeira                      17 September 1980

Tunisia                        27 September 1980









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