World Telecommunication Day / World Telecommunication and Information Society Day


ITU calling card for World Telecommunication Day 17 May 1976Every 17 May, telecommunication administrations all over the world celebrate the World Telecommunication Day to commemorate the foundation of the International Telecommunication Union in 1865. The first WTD was celebrated in 1969.


Each member country celebrates at national level, implementing individually developed programmes to suit each country such as by organising drawing competitions, essay-writing competitions, exhibitions or open-day, radio quiz and tv forum.


Among others, the objectives of celebrating the World Telecommunication Day are:

        To upgrade the public's awareness of the important roles played by telecommunication in the social welfare and the socio-economic development of a country;

        To highlight the ITU's contributions towards the world's telecommunication development and growth.


The Tunis Phase of the World Summit on the Information Society designated WTD 2006 as 'World Information Society Day'.


In November 2006 the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference meeting in Antalya, Turkey, decided that 17 May would from now on be called World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.



Poster for World Telecommunication Day 1996Themes of World Telecommunication Day


1976 Telecommunication and mass media

1981 Telecommunication and health

1996 Telecommunication and sport

1997 Telecommunications and humanitarian assistance

1998 Trade in telecommunications

1999 Electronic commerce

2000 Mobile communications

2001 The Internet: challenges, opportunities and prospects

2002 ICT for all: empowering people to cross the digital divide

2003 Helping all of the world's people to communicate

2004 ICTs: leading the way to sustainable development

2005 Creating an Equitable Information Society: Time for Action

2006 Promoting global cyber security



Themes of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day


2007 Connecting the young: the opportunities of ICT

2008 Connecting persons with disabilities: ICT opportunities for all

2009 Protecting children in cyberspace





The WISD on the ITU website.



Stamp catalogue - 1970


Niger 16 May 1970



Stamp catalogue - 1971


Belgium 15 May 1971

Niger 17 May 1971

Surinam 17 May 1971

Tunisia 17 May 1971



Stamp catalogue - 1972


Niger 17 May 1972



Stamp catalogue - 1973


Belgium 12 May 1973

Tunisia 17 May 1973



Stamp catalogue - 1975


Tunisia 17 May 1975



Stamp catalogue - 1977


German Democratic Republic 17 May 1977

Tunisia 17 May 1977



Stamp catalogue - 1978


Benin 17 May 1978

German Democratic Republic 25 April 1978



Stamp catalogue - 1979


Benin 17 May 1979



Stamp catalogue - 1980


Benin 17 May 1980



Stamp catalogue - 1981 - Telecommunication and health


Benin 30 May 1981

Tunisia 17 May 1981



Stamp catalogue - 1983


German Democratic Republic 8 February 1983









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