World Population Year


Pakistan - first day cover World Population Year 1974The purposes of the World Population Year declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations were:

1) to improve knowledge of and information about population trends;

2) sharpen awareness of population problems and their implications;

3) provide education on population, family life and reproduction;

4) stimulate consideration of alternative policies in the population and development fields, and

5) expand international cooperation in the population field and supply increased technical assistance to countries needing and desiring it.


The central core of activity was the United Nations Conference which was a series of meetings under various names culminating in the final World Population Conference held in Bucharest in August 1974.





The World Population Plan of Action adopted by the World Population Conference in Bucharest, August 1974.

An article on demography on stamps by Ed Stephan.

A background document on the Population Programme of the UN (March 1994).

All the International Years proclaimed by the General Assembly.



Stamp catalogue


Bangladesh                       30 December 1974

Netherlands Antilles          18 February 1974

Niger                               4 March 1974

Tunisia                             19 August 1974









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