World Mathematical Year


Emblem for World Mathematical Year 2000During a meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 6 May 1992, the International Mathematical Union declared the year 2000 the World Mathematical Year.


Three goals were set in Rio: to encounter the greatest challenges and changes of the twenty-first century, to see mathematics as the key to development, and to improve the general view of mathematics.


Poster for World Mathematical Year from BelgiumAt its 29th general conference on 11 November 1997, UNESCO welcomed this initiative of the IMU and set targets to work within its network to promote mathematics worldwide on all levels. With the stimulation of the "Mathematic Society of Luxembourg", UNESCO agreed to be active in the execution of the year's activities and allocated US$ 20.000 for preparatory activities.


The logo selected for the year originated from a contest won by Marie-Claude Vergne from the Institute for Higher Studies in France.


The World Mathematical Year resulted in the issue of various special stamps.



Stamp catalogue


Belgium                      19 February 2000

Slovakia                      15 February 2000









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