World Health Day 1978 - Down with high blood pressure


Netherlands - stamp World Health Day 1978Also in 1978 the most important cause of death and invalidity in many part of the world were cardio-vascular diseases. It was known that a high blood pressure increases the chance on a heart attack. WHO chose "Down with high blood pressure" as the central theme for World Health Day to point at possibilities of fighting high blood pressure. It is vital that both health professionals and the general public are aware of the importance of a healthy blood pressure.


Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of the blood vessels. A restricted intake of salt, body-mass reduction, physical exercise and a change in life style  an do much to control chronic high blood pressure.





Belgium                                  18 February 1978

Bophuthatswana                      7 April 1978

Netherlands                            22 August 1978









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