World Health Day 1976 - Foresight prevents blindness


Saudi Arabia - stamp World Health Day 1976The theme of World Health Day on 7 April 1976 was "Foresight Prevents Blindness."
It laid emphasis on the importance of preventive measures against blindness. The problem of curable and incurable blindness has been posing a serious public health, social and economic problem mostly in developing countries.


In was figured that in 1976 in the world there were at least 100 million people who were totally blind and millions more whose sight was so defective that they should also be regarded as blind. These numbers are still increasing year by year.


Cuba - stamp World Health Day 1976In all the developing countries, not to mention the advanced ones, the blindness of two-thirds of the sight-less persons is considered as preventable or curable. Prevention is important everywhere, but it is all the more so in developing countries where, due to lack of adequate health facilities, only a few of the blind can be cured of this preventable or curable disease.

Mali - stamp World Health Day 1976

Many countries have already launched extensive campaigns for the prevention of blindness and many more are expected to join them.

A special WHO inter-regional meeting in
Baghdad, Iraq, stimulated worldwide interest in the control of major causes of blindness. At this meeting there were 27 participants from 21 countries, 27 observers, 12 representatives of NGOs, 7 WHO temporary advisors, and 7 WHO staff members. This largest gathering of experts on the prevention of blindness ever assembled up to that time established strategies for manpower requirements and the development of eye-health services.


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