5th World Forestry Congress, Seattle


United States of America - stamp 5th World Forestry Congress, SeattleThe 5th World Forestry Congress was held in Seattle (Washington, USA) from 29 August till 10 September 1960. The theme was 'Multiple use of forests'. Multiple use means the management of the forest in a manner that, while conserving the basic land resource, will yield a high level of production in the five major uses - wood, water, forage, recreation, and wildlife - for the benefit of the greatest number of people in the long run.


The main topics of discussion were the following:

I. Forest protection

II. Education

III. Forest and range watersheds

IV. Forest operations and logging

V. Genetics and tree improvement

VI. Forest economics and policy

VII. Forest products

VIII. Forest recreation and wildlife

IX. Tropical forestry


Cover of Unasylva magazine 1960The Congress concluded that the multiple-use concept presented new challenges and new opportunities to foresters everywhere, with great prospects for additional services to the welfare of mankind, declared that it was not, however, a panacea to solve all forest management problems, as often one use must be dominant and other proposed uses must not then be detrimental to the major one.


In addition, it warned that there can be disadvantages to multiple use when it is inefficiently applied, although multiple use must be recognized as an important goal of forest policies.


The Congress was attended by 1.970 members, representing 65 countries.


It was the first time that stamps were issued for this type of congress around the world.





The International Friendship Grove of Trees at the University of Washington, a living reminder of the Congress.





Tunisia                                                           29 August 1960

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics                     29 August 1960









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