World AIDS Day


World AIDS Day celebration, Nassau, BahamasThe General Assembly, in 1988, stated its deep concern about the pandemic proportions of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Noting that the World Health Organization (WHO) had declared 1 December 1988 World AIDS Day, the Assembly stressed the importance of observing that occasion (resolution 43/15). Today, some 40 million people are living with HIV/AIDS."


Cartoon by Fraga from MexicoAll over the world the day is commemorated with special events. Concerts, expositions and other fund raising events try to increase awareness. (Photo: 150 people form a Red Ribbon in Nassau, Bahamas, 1 December 2006.)




1988   Communication

World AIDS Day 2000 poster1989   Youth

1990   Women and AIDS

1991   Sharing the challenge

1992   Community commitment

1993   Act

1994   AIDS and the family

1995   Shared rights, shared responsibilities

1996   One world, one hope

1997   Children living in a world with AIDS

1998   Force for change: World AIDS Campaign with young people

1999   Listen, learn, live! World AIDS Campaign with children and young people

World AIDS Day 2006 poster2000   AIDS: Men make a difference

2001   I care… do you?

2002   Live and let live (Stigma and discrimination)

2003   Live and let live (Stigma and discrimination)

2004   Have you heard me today? Women, girls, HIV and AIDS

2005   Stop AIDS. Keep the promise

2006   Stop AIDS. Keep the promise - Accountability

2007   Take the lead

2008   Lead - Empower - Deliver





Safe Sex campaign poster, France

The official UN World AIDS Day website.

The HIV/AIDS programme from the World Health Organisation.



Stamp catalogue - 2001 - I care... do you?


Bangladesh                  1 December 2001



Stamp catalogue - 2003


Solomon Islands            8 February 2003



Stamp catalogue - 2006 - Stop AIDS. Keep the promise


Bangladesh                  6 December 2006



Stamp catalogue - 2008 - Lead - Empower - Deliver


Papua New Guinea       1 December 2008









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