Consultative Committee for Postal Studies


Tunisia - stamp CCPS 30th anniversary 1987The Consultative Committee for Postal Studies was created at the 9th UPU Congress in Ottawa, Canada, 1957. The 11th Congress in Tokyo, Japan, 1969, changed its name to Consultative Council for Postal Studies. Since 1994 (Seoul, Republic of Korea) it is known as the Postal Operations Council.


The Committee was the result of the need for a technical commission to discuss issues concerning the progress and improvement of the postal service. The active part of CCPS was its Management Council. CCPS was supposed to meet at dates fixed by the UPU Congress and function like a Congress Committee. It is reported that CCPS did not play an effective part during Congresses. It did meet frequently however, as it did in Moscow in 1968.


To avoid confusion between the CCPS as a permanent body and as a Congress Committee, the 1969 Tokyo Congress abolished CCPS and replaced the Management Council by a Consultative Council for Postal Studies (also CCPS). Now known as the Postal Operations Council, it deals mainly with operational, economic and organizational issues.





Information on the Postal Operations Council on the UPU website.



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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics      30 June 1968



Stamp catalogue - 30th anniversary - 1987


Tunisia                                             9 October 1987









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