UNO 25th anniversary


UN - medal for UNO 25th anniversaryThe 25th anniversary of the United Nations was celebrated in San Francisco in June 1970 and in New York in October 1970.


The General Assembly passed a resolution in which the member states committed themselves to further cooperation.






Documents from the US Department of State give an interesting view on the troubles a president (Nixon) and his assistant (Kissinger) face when having to meet other officials during the 25th anniversary celebrations.



Stamp catalogue


Austria                                                23 October 1970

Belgium                                              12 September 1970

German Democratic Republic                20 October 1970

Gilbert and Ellice Islands                       26 June 1970

Netherlands                                         23 June 1970

Niger                                                  26 June 1970

Surinam                                              26 June 1970

Tunisia                                                24 October 1970

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics        1 June 1970









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