UNISPACE 82, Vienna


Gabon - stamp UNISPACE 82, 1982The second Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space was held in Vienna from 9 to 21 August 1982, with 94 state participants and 45 observers representing intergovernmental and non governmental organizations. It reviewed progress in space activities and strengthened the United Nations' commitment to promoting international cooperation to enable developing countries to benefit from the peaceful uses of space technology.


The UNISPACE 82 Conference discussed how all States could take advantage of space technology for economic and social development and benefit from using satellite remote sensing systems to develop and monitor their natural resources and the environment.


In the short term at least, access by all countries to the full range of space activities would require co-operation between developed and developing countries, the Conference stated, recommending that technologically advanced countries with facilities for launching satellites, conducting experimental activities in space, operating remote sensing systems or manufacturing advanced components or systems should make these facilities accessible to developing countries.



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Austria                                                9 August 1982

Suriname                                             13 January 1982

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics        15 June 1982









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