UNHCR 50th anniversary


Emblem for UNHCR 50th anniversaryThe 50th anniversary of UNHCR was celebrated in 2001. All over the world activities were organized to focus extra attention to the situation of refugees.


High Commissioner Sadako Ogata told a news conference in Geneva: "UNHCR's 50th anniversary is, in itself, no cause for celebration. In fact, our longevity is a reflection of the international community's failure to prevent prejudice, persecution, poverty and other causes of conflict and displacement. So we are marking this anniversary year by highlighting the courage and contributions of millions of refugees around the world."





The BBC prepared a special report that tells the stories behind the statistics: The Road to Refuge.





Austria                                      8 June 2001

Bangladesh                                14 December 2000

Republic of Moldova                   19 January 2001

Solomon Islands                         28 July 2001









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