UNESCO 20th anniversary


President Charles de Gaulle visiting UNESCO Headquarters 4 November 1966The 20th anniversary of UNESCO was celebrated around the world with special events. The fourteenth General Conference of UNESCO in Paris, November 1966, marked the 20th anniversary. There were discussions held and resolutions passed on promoting the work of UNESCO, racialism and the need for peace in the world.


The photo shows French president General Charles de Gaulle visiting UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 4 November 1966 for the 20th anniversary. He is accompanied by André Malraux (culture minister) , Maurice Couve de Murville (foreign affairs minister), Christian Fouchet (education minister), Alain Peyrefitte (science minister) and René Maheu (director-general 1961-1974) (photo: UNESCO/Dominique Roger / ID: 20104121 / CD: 026).





The first commemorative medal of UNESCO issued for the 20th anniversary in 1966 was struck in copper, silver and gilded bronze in three different designs.

Special 20th anniversary edition of the UNESCO Courier (opens ad pdf).



Stamp catalogue


Ascension Island                                    3 January 1967

British Solomon Islands                          1 December 1966

Gilbert and Ellice Islands                        1 December 1966

Niger                                                    4 November 1966

Pitcairn Islands                                      1 December 1966

South Arabia, Federation of                   15 December 1966

Tunisia                                                 4 November 1966










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