Tehran Conference


Prime minister Stalin, president Roosevelt and prime minister Churchill at the Tehran Conference, 1943The Tehran Conference was the first war time conference between the three great powers United States, United Kingdom and Soviet Union held from 28 November to 1 December 1943 in the Iranian capital Tehran. Present were president Roosevelt, prime minister Churchill and prime minister Stalin (photo: US Signal Corps). The first two arrived in Tehran from Cairo where the first conference with the president of China was held.


The conference resulted in three separate declarations. The first was the confirmation that the three countries would keep fighting for world peace. Second was a special declaration regarding the position of Iran and thirdly the military conclusions that were reached.


0726-kleinThe conference is most famous for the decision to open a second front in Europe. For the full cooperation and assistance from the USSR in the war effort Stalin received the support for the partisans in Yugoslavia and the possibility to change the border between Poland and the Soviet Union.


In the declaration the three leaders also stated the intention to form an international organization to deal with international problems in a peaceful manner. President Roosevelt even explained his ideas on the structure of this organization during one of the dinners.


The Tehran Conference was followed by the Conferences in Yalta and Potsdam.





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