The World United Against Malaria


Jordan - stamp The World United Against Malaria 1962The WHO took up the malaria eradication programme in 1955. In 1953, Brazilian malariologist Marcolino Candau, who campaigned on the promise of malaria eradication won the elections to the post of the director general of WHO defeating the psychiatrist Brock Chisholm.


The Global Malaria Eradication Programme was launched in 1955 emphasising on vector control with DDT residual spraying and surveillance in all national programmes. The goal was to reduce infected vector populations feeding on humans sufficiently to interrupt parasite transmission. The programme imposed an uniform strategy for all countries and areas, ignoring the diversity of malaria and economy of nations, particularly the new governments then emerging from colonial rule.


In 1962 a world wide campaign was held to acquire funds for the eradication programme. Many postal administrations issued postage stamps on or around 7 April. A certain number of stamps (up to 100.000) were donated to the WHO. These stamps were sold to collectors and the proceeds were used for malaria eradication. In addition to the stamps many postmarks were used to increase public awareness.





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The Global Malaria Programme from the World Health Organization.





Canal Zone                                                        24 September 1962

Federation of Malaya                                          7 April 1962

German Democratic Republic                              6 February 1963

Liechtenstein                                                      2 August 1962

Niger                                                                 7 April 1962

Papua and New Guinea                                       7 April 1962

Portuguese India                                                April 1962

Portuguese Timor                                               April 1962

Surinam                                                             2 May 1962

Tunisia                                                              7 April 1962

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics                        6 May 1962

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics                        23 June 1962









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