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During the war in Korea both sides deployed around one million soldiers each and a lot of ships, tanks and medical facilities. The Commonwealth navies and their auxiliary services alone sent 76 ships in total to serve for varying periods.

Naval forces came from Australia, Canada, Colombia, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States.


This page contains only those ships that have been depicted on stamps, either as a commemoration of the Korean War, or because of some other reason. Therefore this is not a complete overview of the ships that served in the war.


The general history of the Korean War can be found on the appropriate page Korean War.

Individual persons are listed in the persons catalogue.




HMS Mounts Bay (United Kingdom)


Laid down in 1944 as a Loch Class Frigate 'HMS Loch Kilbernie'. Designated for anti-submarine and escort duties. Redesigned and completed in 1948 and renamed 'HMS Mounts Bay'. The ship was commissioned in April 1949 and had 157 officers and men. Commissions: Far East, America and the West Indies, South Atlantic and South Africa. Decommissioned in May 1961, sold to Portugal and renamed 'Vasco da Gama'. Scrapped in December 1971.



The story of HMS Mounts Bay in the Korean War by Don Giles, veteran.


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