International Youth Year


Sweden - coin International Youth Year 1985In 1979, the General Assembly decided to designate 1985, the twentieth anniversary of the 1965 Declaration on the Promotion Among Youth of the Ideals of Peace, Mutual Respect and Understanding Between Peoples, as International Youth Year, with the three themes of participation, development, and peace. The objectives of the year were to bring about widespread awareness of the situation of young people and of their problems and aspirations, and to engage them in the development process. International Youth Year resulted in the endorsement by the General Assembly of guidelines for strategies and activities in favour of youth at the national, regional, and international levels in coming years.


A trust fund established for International Youth Year and renamed the UN Youth Fund is used to support projects involving young people in the development of their countries.


In 1995 the tenth anniversary of International Youth Year was widely commemorated. The General Assembly held a special session on the subject.





An article on the IYY in the Year Book Australia 1985 from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Proclamation by president Ronald Reagan of the International Youth Year in the United States.

All the International Years proclaimed by the General Assembly.



Stamp catalogue


Aitutaki                                               16 September 1985

Ascension Island                                   4 October 1985

Bangladesh                                          2 November 1985

Belgium                                              19 October 1985

Benin                                                  16 July 1985

Caicos Islands                                      8 May 1985

Caicos Islands                                      5 December 1985

Ciskei                                                 3 May 1985

Jersey                                                30 May 1985

Netherlands Antilles                              29 April 1985

Niger                                                  29 April 1985

Solomon Islands                                    30 September 1985

Sovereign Military Order of Malta          7 October 1985

Tunisia                                                30 September 1985

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics        26 June 1985










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