International Women's Year


Republic of Korea - stamp International Women's Year 1975The General Assembly declared 1975 International Women's Year on 18 December 1972 to focus attention on the position of women around the world. In many countries national committees were formed to organise special activities.


From 19 June to 2 July 1975 the first World Conference on Women was held in Mexico City. More than 100 nations participated. A World Plan of Action was adopted by 22 governments and 22 NGO's, headed by Canada. Later the General Assembly adopted the Action Plan.


As result of the energetic advocacy of women at this conference, the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) was established to provide direct support to development projects for women.


Direct outcome of International Women's Year was the Decade for Women 1976-1985. Conferences were held in Houston (1977), Princess Ashraf Pahlavi presents a cheque to Kurt Waldheim, 10 December 1974Copenhagen (1980) and Nairobi (1985).


On 10 December 1974 a special ceremony was held in New York. Here Princess Ashraf Pahlavi of Iran, twin sister of the Shah, presented a declaration emphasising the inequalities and discrimination that women continue to suffer throughout the world and the need for greater efforts to ensure real equality between men and women. After that she presented a cheque for $2 million as Iran's contribution to the year.





Information on the United Nations and the status of women.

President Gerald Ford established a National Commission of the Observance of International Women's Year.

All the International Years proclaimed by the General Assembly.



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Bangladesh                                          31 December 1975

Belgium                                              21 June 1975

German Democratic Republic                25 February 1975

Netherlands                                         29 July 1975

Netherlands Antilles                              1 August 1975

Niger                                                  9 June 1975

Surinam                                              14 May 1975

Tunisia                                                19 June 1975

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics        30 September 1975









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