International Year for Human Rights


Abu Dhabi - stamp International Year for Human Rights 1968The United Nations designated 1968 as the International Year for Human Rights to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.


On the occasion of IYHR the International Conference on Human Rights met at Teheran from 22 April to 13 May 1968 to review the progress made in the 20 years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration and to formulate a programme for the future, solemnly declared in the Proclamation of Teheran.





General Assembly Resolution 2217 of 19 December 1966 designating the IYHR.

All the International Years proclaimed by the General Assembly.



Stamp catalogue


Abu Dhabi                                  1 April 1968

Austria                                      18 October 1968

Ascension Island                          8 July 1968

Falkland Islands                           4 July 1968

German Democratic Republic      8 May 1968

Niger                                        19 February 1968

Papua and New Guinea               26 June 1968

Pitcairn Islands                           4 March 1968

Tunisia                                      18 January 1968









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