International Year of the Family


Emblem of the International Year of the FamilyThe International Year of the Family, 1994, was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, in its resolution 44/82 of 9 December 1989. The theme of the Year was "Family: resources and responsibilities in a changing world". Its motto: "Building the Smallest Democracy at the Heart of Society".


In proclaiming the Year, the General Assembly decided that the major activities for its observance should be concentrated at the local, regional and national levels, assisted by the United Nations system.

The United Nations Commission for Social Development was designated the preparatory body and the Economic and Social Council as the coordinating body for the Year.


In 2004 the Programme on the Family was responsible for the preparation and observance of the Tenth Anniversary of the International Year of the Family.


Kuwaiti family in Jahra, KuwaitThis photo from the UN archives shows a Kuwaiti family in Jahra, Kuwait (UN photo 158130 UN/DPI/J. Isaac).





The most important documents on the International Year of the Family.

Tenth anniversary of the International Year of the Family 2004.

All the International Years proclaimed by the General Assembly.





Aruba                                                          30 May 1994

Bangladesh                                                  15 May 1994

Benin                                                          1994

Netherlands Antilles                                      26 October 1994

Republic of Moldova                                     26 November 1994

Slovakia                                                      29 April 1994

Solomon Islands                                           18 August 1994

Sovereign Military Order of Malta                   21 February 1994

Tunisia                                                        14 May 1994









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