International Education Year


Greece - stamp International Education Year 1970Through the General Assembly of the United Nations the countries of the world had proclaimed that the time had come for a fresh look at the way education was evolving. Such an effort at reflection was to bear not only on the arrangements and institutions that go to make up a 'system of education' but also on the goals that are being pursued in schools, colleges, universities and training centres. The result, it was hoped, would be a better understanding of the nature and potential force of education in the modern world-in order to bring about progress, to 'mobilize energies and inspire initiatives in education and training'.


The role of UNESCO during International Education Year has been to facilitate exchange of information between countries and to build up, from the store of national experience, an over-all view of the movement of education.





Address on International Education Year by Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia on 9 October 1970.

All the International Years proclaimed by the General Assembly.



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