International Radio Consultative Committee


Austria - stamp CCIR 50th anniversary 1979The International Radio Consultative Committee or Comité Consultatif International pour la Radio (CCIR) was founded in 1927 as part of the International Telecommunication Union at a conference in Washington, D.C. In 1992 the CCIR was transformed into ITU-R, the Radiocommunication Sector at the Additional Plenipotentiary Conference in Geneva.


CCIR's role was to regulate the allocation of radio frequencies and so reduce the interference between radio stations in various countries. Also it had the responsibility for regulating orbital positions of satellites relating to radio communications.


CCIR published international engeneering standard documents, among which the standards for the analog and digital radio signals.



Stamp catalogue - 50th anniversary


Austria                          16 January 1979

Liechtenstein                 7 June 1979









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