International Mother Language Day


Poster for International Mother Language Day 2008Linguistic and cultural diversity represent universal values that strengthen the unity and cohesion of societies. The recognition of the importance of this diversity led to UNESCO’s decision to celebrate International Mother Language Day.


The General Conference of UNESCO, at its 30th session, in 1999, decided to proclaim and to observe an International Mother Language Day. This Day is celebrated on 21 February every year throughout the world.


The day aims at promoting linguistic diversity and multilingual education, and to develop fuller awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue.


2000     -

2001     Linguistic pluralism and cultural diversity

2002     -

2003     -

2004     -

2005     Braille and sign languages

2006     Languages and cyberspace

2007     Linkages between mother tongue and multilingualism

2008     Languages matter!

2009     -



Stamp catalogue - 2000


Bangladesh                                                        21 February 2000



Stamp catalogue - 2002


Bangladesh                                                        21 February 2002



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Bangladesh                                                        20 February 2009









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