International Co-operation Year / UNO 20th anniversary


United States of America - stamp International Co-operation Year 1965In response to a speech made by the Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru on 10 November 1961, the General Assembly designated 1965, the twentieth year of the United Nations, as International Co-operation Year.


One reason was the conviction that increased public awareness of the extent and significance of existing everyday co-operation would lead to a better appreciation of the true nature of the world community and of the common interests of mankind.


Also the thought was that devoting a year to international co-operation would help to bring about increased world understanding and co-operation, and thereby facilitate the settlement of major international problems.





Remarks upon proclaiming 1965 as International Cooperation Year by president Lyndon B. Johnson, 2 October 1964.

All the International Years proclaimed by the General Assembly.



Catalogue - International Co-operation Year


Ascension Island                                                 25 October 1965

Basutoland                                                         25 October 1965

Bechuanaland Protectorate                                  25 October 1965

British Solomon Islands                                        25 October 1965

Falkland Islands                                                 25 October 1965

German Democratic Republic                              13 September 1966

Gilbert and Ellice Islands                                     25 October 1965

Niger                                                                 24 October 1965

Pitcairn Islands                                                   25 October 1965

South Arabia, Federation of                                 24 October 1965

Surinam                                                             26 May 1965

Tunisia                                                              24 October 1965

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics                        15 June 1965



Catalogue - UNO 20th anniversary


Papua and New Guinea                                       13 October 1965









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