International Civil Aviation Day


Poster for International Civil Aviation Day 2005 from KuwaitInternational Civil Aviation Day was established in 1994 by ICAO, through Assembly Resolution A29-1, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Organization, created on 7 December 1944. In 1996, pursuant to an ICAO initiative and with the assistance of the Canadian Government, the United Nations General Assembly by resolution officially recognized 7 December as International Civil Aviation Day and listed it as an official UN day.


The purpose of the global celebration is to generate and reinforce worldwide awareness of the importance of international civil aviation in the social and economic development of States, and of the role of ICAO in promoting the safety, efficiency and regularity of international air transport.


1994   50th anniversary of the signing of the Chicago Convention

1995   The aeroplane in our lives

1996   Using satellites to make civil aviation safer

1997   Enhancing flight safety through global cooperation

1998   Flying safely into the 21st century

1999   Promoting global friendship and understanding

2000   Implementing ICAO SARPs - the key to aviation safety and efficiency

2001   Flight between nations - dialogue between peoples

2002   One hundred years of powered, controlled and sustained flight

2003   For 60 years... setting the standard for international civil aviation

2004   International cooperation: solutions to global aviation challenges

2005   The greening of flight

2006   Safety and security - first and always the top priority

2007   Global air transport - a driver of sustainable economic, social and cultural development

2008   Tomorrow's aviation - a world of opportunity for skilled aviation personnel





International Civil Aviation Day section on the ICAO website.

Report on celebrations on 7 December 2005 in Belize City by Channel 5 Belize.



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