ICAO 50th anniversary


Slovenia - postmark ICAO 50th anniversary 1994In 1994 the 50th anniversary of ICAO was celebrated. Many countries issued stamps. ICAO itself published a special video on the organization's history and even a special flag.


The ICAO Assembly declared 7 December 1994 as International Civil Aviation Day to mark the 50th anniversary.


Nauru - stamp ICAO 50th anniversary 1994During a session of the Canadian House of Commons Douglas Young, Minister of Transport, paid special attention to the only UN specialized agency that has its headquarters in Canada. In particular he recognized three Canadians who took part in the Chicago conference fifty years earlier and who were at that moment still alive: "Former Ambassador Escott Reid helped draft the conference documents. He now lives near Toronto. Mr. Jean Fournier, the youngest of the Canadian delegates to the Chicago Conference, now lives in Montreal. Mr. Stanislav Krejcik was a member of the Czechoslovakian delegation. He is now a Canadian citizen living in the province of Alberta."


Nepal - stamp ICAO 50th anniversary 1994A number of special 50th anniversary honorary medals were awarded. Each member state could give one medal. Recipients included: Air China (China), RTCA (United States), Institute of Air and Space Law (Canada), SATA Air Açores (Portugal), Kenneth Osborne Rattray (Jamaica).





Article on Australia's contribution to ICAO, including the delegations to the first conferences.



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