Freedom from Hunger Campaign


Basutoland - stamp Freedom from Hunger Campaign 1963In the history of FAO 1963 is a year of profound significance. It is the twentieth anniversary of the Hot Springs Conference (Virginia, U.S.A.), which led to the foundation of this international organization. During these years, FAO's work and responsibilities have been steadily growing, and today its philosophy and basic aims find embodiment in the Freedom from Hunger Campaign which is FAO's main contribution to the United Nations Development Decade.


The midpoint of this Campaign was marked by the World Food Congress held in Washington D.C. in June. This Congress brought together statesmen, scientists, sociologists and representatives of citizen groups from all parts of the globe to confer on the challenge of hunger and to give a lead to world opinion as to what should be done to meet this challenge.


In preparation for the Congress, a Special Assembly on Man's Right to Freedom from Hunger was convened in Rome on 14 March. This Assembly was attended by 29 world-renowned personalities, including several Nobel Prize winners and others whose contribution to the thought and culture of the twentieth century is widely acknowledged.


A Manifesto issued by the Assembly provided a dramatic opening for the World Freedom from Hunger Week, from 17 to 24 March, which spanned the equinox that marks spring and the time of sowing in the Northern Hemisphere, and harvest in the Southern Hemisphere.


In addition to the various imaginative ways in which the Week was celebrated Student from Newtown School, Waterford, Ireland, collecting money, 1963140 postal administrations throughout the world issued special FFHC stamps, thus securing the widest possible dissemination of the Campaign message. Most of these stamps were issued on 21 March 1963.


A great number of activities were organized at local level. The picture shows students from Newtown School in Waterford, Ireland, collecting money for the campaign.



Stamp catalogue


Aden                                                4 June 1963

Ascension Island                                 4 June 1963

Basutoland                                        4 June 1963

Bechuanaland Protectorate                 4 June 1963

Belgium                                            20 March 1963

British Solomon Islands                       4 June 1963

Falkland Islands                                  4 June 1963

Federation of Malaya                         21 March 1963

Gilbert and Ellice Islands                    1 August 1963

Liechtenstein                                    26 August 1963

Netherlands                                      21 March 1963

Netherlands Antilles                           21 March 1963

Niger                                                21 March 1963

North Borneo                                    4 June 1963

Pitcairn Islands                                  4 June 1963

Sarawak                                           4 June 1963

Surinam                                            21 March 1963

Tunisia                                             21 March 1963









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