FAO 40th anniversary


President Garcia of Peru addressing the 23rd FAO Conference, November 1985During 1985 and 1986 the 40th anniversary of FAO was celebrated. Many countries issued stamps and coins to commemorate this event. Special events were organised all over the world.


Poster for World Food Day 1986The 23rd FAO Conference in November 1985 marked the organization's 40th anniversary. Keynote speakers were pope John Paul II, president François Mitterrand of France, president Soeharto of Indonesia and president Garcia of Peru (photo: FAO).


In Bangkok, Thailand, a seminar was organised on World Food Day 1985 in the attendance of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindkorn.





Address to the 23rd FAO Conference by pope John Paul II on 10 November 1985.


Cuba - coin FAO 40th anniversary 1986







Stamp catalogue


Caicos Islands              8 May 1985

Niger                          16 October 1986

Tunisia                        27 November 1986









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