22nd UPU Congress, Beijing/China 1999, Beijing


China - postcard and postmark 22nd UPU Congress 1999The 22nd congress of the Universal Postal Union was held at the Beijing International Convention Center in Beijing from 23 August till 15 September 1999. Coinciding with the congress a special stamp exhibition, China 1999,  and the Beijing China International Postal Technological Equipment Exhibition were held.


The 22nd Congress was attended by more than 2.000 delegates and observers representing 177 member countries and territories of the UPU. The Constitution of the Universal Postal Union was amended by adopting the 6th Additional Protocol as well as the General Regulations of the Universal Postal Union, the Universal Postal Convention and the Postal Payment Services Agreement. According to the revision, the existing Postal Parcels Agreement was included in the Universal Postal Convention, while the Money Orders Agreement, the Giro Agreement and the Cash-on-Delivery Agreement were combined into the Postal Payment Services Agreement.


The Beijing Postal Strategy was adopted as the activity policy for governments, postal administrations of member countries and the Restricted Unions, aiming at the promotion of postal services for the upcoming five years. It was made according to the results of the General Debate held on 26 and 27 August with the theme of "the Universal Right to Communication - Challenges and Opportunities for the Post".

Emblem of China 1999

In order to promote postal financial services for the upcoming five years, the Action Plan to Develop the Postal Financial Services from 2000 to 2004 was also adopted as the activity policy for governments and postal ministries of member countries. It was based on the results of the expanded debate on postal financial services held on 25 August with the consideration of the future measures for postal financial services from different angles. The Action Plan included the promotion of the introduction and development of Postal Savings Services in Union member countries.





A report on the Congress by China Post.

A select committee of the Irish parliament discussed approving the 1999 Acts on 22 June 2004 (Word-document).

The website of the Universal Postal Union.



Stamp catalogue


Benin                               22 August 1999

Netherlands Antilles          30 March 1999

Pitcairn Islands                 20 August 1999

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