20th UPU Congress, Washington DC/World Stamp Expo 89, Washington DC


United States of America - stamp World Stamp Expo 89 1989

The 20th congress of the Universal Postal Union was held in Washington D.C. from 17 November till 3 December 1989. Coinciding with the congress a special stamp exhibition, World Stamp Expo '89, was held.


During the congress a number of decisions were taken, including the adoption of the fourth additional protocol to the Constitution of the Universal Postal Union.





The text of the fourth additional protocol as published in the Australian Treaty Series.

The website of the Universal Postal Union.



Stamp catalogue


Aruba                                               8 June 1989

Ascension Island                                 7 July 1989

Ascension Island                                 21 August 1989

Ascension Island                                 17 November 1989

Netherlands Antilles                           17 November 1989

Solomon Islands                                 17 November 1989

Suriname                                          17 November 1989

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics      24 November 1989









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