19th UPU Congress, Hamburg/Salon der Philatelie zum XIX. Weltpostkongress, Hamburg


Netherlands - postmark Salon der Philatelie zum XIX. WeltpostKongress 1984The 19th Congress of the Universal Postal Union was held in Hamburg, West Germany, from 18 June to 27 July 1984. One of the decisions of the congress was the definition of ATM labels (postage stamps that are printed by electronic stamp vending machines). Also the third additional protocol to the UPU Constitution was adopted.


The congress also decided to do away with the possibility of holding special administrative conferences (the last one being the air mail conference in The Hague in 1927).


From 19 to 26 June 1984 a philatelic exhibition was held: Salon der Philatelie (philatelic salon). For the first time many countries issued special stamps for this event. Also many postal administrations attended the salon and used special postmarks.



Stamp catalogue


Benin                          18 June 1984

Caicos Islands              19 June 1984

Falkland Islands            19 June 1984

Niger                          20 June 1984

Solomon Islands            18 June 1984









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