This page lists persons that have in one way or another a connection with the UN system. Also listed are non-UN organizations that have such connections, e.g. received awards or prizes.


Persons depicted on stamps that do not have a direct link to the UN system can be found on a special page.


Other person catalogues:       non-UN: The Hague Peace Conference

                                           non-UN: League of Nations

                                           non-UN: other persons

                                           painters and artists (not stamp designers)

                                           stamp designers



Ali, Muhammad                                   1942-                United States of America                         boxer

Amnesty International                          1961-                -                                                           organization

ASECNA                                              1959-                Africa                                                    organization


Baers, Maria                                       1883-1959         Belgium                                                 feminist/senator

Baláž, Jozef                                       1923-2006         Czechoslovakia/Slovakia                         artist/designer

Beatrix                                               1938-                Netherlands                                           queen

Berger, André                                     1942-                Belgium                                                 meteorologist

Bernhard                                            1911-2004         Netherlands                                           prince

Binder, Joseph                                    1898-1972         Austria/United States of America              designer

Boeykens, Lily                                     1930-2005         Belgium                                                 feminist

Brunfaut, Emilienne                             1908-1986         Belgium                                                 feminist

Brunovský, Albín                                 1935-1997         Czechoslovakia/Slovakia                         illustrator


Cousteau, Jacques-Yves                       1910-1997         France                                                  explorer/filmmaker


Debrot, Nicolaas                                  1902-1981         Netherlands Antilles                                writer/politician


Einstein, Albert                                   1879-1955         Germany                                               physicist

El Mekki, Hatem                                 1916-2003         Tunisia                                                  artist/designer


Fabiola                                               1928-                Belgium                                                 queen

Foss, Joe                                            1915-2003         United States of America                         soldier Korean War


Gandhi, Indira                                     1917-1984         India                                                     prime minister


Hammarskjöld, Dag                            1905-1961         Sweden                                                 secretary-general

Helmer, Oskar                                    1887-1963         Austria                                                  interior minister

Hemerijckx, Frans                              1902-1969         Belgium                                                 medical doctor

Heymans, Corneille                             1892-1968         Belgium                                                 scientist

Hundertwasser, Friedensreich               1928-2000         Austria                                                  painter/architect

Huysmans, Camille                              1871-1968         Belgium                                                 politician/minister


ICDDR,B                                             1978-                Bangladesh                                            organization

Institute of Tropical Medicine                1906-                Belgium                                                 research institute


John Paul II                                        1920-2005         Poland/Vatican City                                pope

Juliana                                               1909-2004         Netherlands                                           queen


Karajan, Herbert von                          1908-1989         Austria                                                  conductor

Kelsen, Hans                                      1881-1973         Austria                                                  jurist

Khrushchev, Nikita                               1894-1971         Union of Soviet Socialist Republics            first secretary

Klestil, Thomas                                   1932-2004         Austria                                                  president

Krains, Hubert                                    1862-1934         Belgium                                                 secretary UPU


Lumumba, Patrice                               1925-1961         Republic of the Congo                            prime minister


Mandela, Nelson                                 1918-                South Africa                                           lawyer/president


Nehru, Jawaharlal                              1889-1964         India                                                     prime minister

Nkrumah, Kwame                               1909-1972         Ghana                                                   president


Paige, Mitchell                                    1918-2003         United States of America                         soldier Korean War

Palme, Olof                                        1927-1986         Sweden                                                 prime minister

Pasteur Institute                                  1887-                France                                                  research institute

Pasteur Institute of Tunis                      1893-                Tunisia                                                  research institute

Peterson, Oscar                                   1925-2007         Canada                                                 pianist/composer

Picasso, Pablo                                     1881-1973         Spain                                                     painter

Piot, Peter                                          1949-                Belgium                                                 head of UNAIDS

Plesman, Albert                                  1889-1953         Netherlands                                           aviation pioneer


Robeson, Paul                                     1896-1983         United States of America                         actor/activist

Roosevelt, Eleanor                              1884-1962         United States of America                         political activist


Schumacher, Michael                           1969-                Germany                                               formula 1 racer

Schuster, Rudolf                                  1934-                Slovakia                                                mayor/president

Shostakovich, Dmitri                            1906-1975         Union of Soviet Socialist Republics            composer

Spaak, Paul-Henri                               1899-1972         Belgium                                                 pres. Gen. Assembly

Stephan, Heinrich von                          1831-1897         Prussia/Germany                                    post minister

Struyf, Edmond                                   1912-1996         Belgium                                                 post official


Teresa, Mother                                   1910-1997         India                                                     catholic nun

Tinbergen, Jan                                   1903-1995         Netherlands                                           economist


Van Cauwelaert, Frans                        1880-1961         Belgium                                                 politician/minister

Van Den Wyngaert, Christine                1952-                Belgium                                                 judge

Van Noten, Jean                                 1903-1982         Belgium                                                 artist/designer

Vienna Symphony Orchestra                 1900-                Austria                                                  orchestra

Vuchetich, Yevgeny                             1904-1974         Union of Soviet Socialist Republics            sculptor


Waldheim, Kurt                                   1918-2007         Austria                                                  secretary-general









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