Edmond Struyf


Edmond Struyf on a Belgian stampEdmond Struyf (1912-1996) was a Belgian post official. Although his career in the postal world is unique, not much information is known about him.


It is said that because of his strong personality and visionary policies he had a great influence on the modernisation of the Belgian Post. Also on an international level, within the policy structures of the UPU, he was respected and much appreciated.


Aware of the importance of the postage stamp, as an ambassador and bearer of culture for his country but also as quality label and a commercial factor for his company, he strongly supported philately. In 1965 he founded the association PRO-POST, the Association for the Promotion of Philately. He stayed on as president till 1987.


PRO-POST became a success story and was trend setting both national and international. Especially with the organization of important philatelic exhibitions. The 'Belgica' shows became world famous.


Contradictory to what happened in other countries, Struyf joined the inventivity and working power of the Post, the stamp dealers and the stamp collectors. This proved to be the right formula. Even the UPU recognized this and it resulted in the foundation of the World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP).



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