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Two categories of philatelic links can be found here. First the philatelic or postal websites from the countries included in this website. This is to facilitate the search for new stamps. Second philatelic websites that give interesting information on stamp collecting or philatelic news. These websites all contain a link to this site.



Philatelic or postal websites


Aitutaki                                                                            -

Alderney                                                                 (Guernsey)


Ascension Island                                                      

Australian Antarctic Territory                                     (Australia)


Azores                                                                     (Portugal)



Belgium                                                                   (Dutch version)

Benin                                                                               -

British Antarctic Territory                                           (Falkland Islands)

British Indian Ocean Territory                                   


Christmas Island                                                       (Australia)


Falkland Islands                                                      

Faroe Islands                                                          


International Court of Justice                                              -






Madeira                                                                   (Portugal)



Netherlands Antilles                                                 

Niger                                                                                -


Papua New Guinea                                                  

Pitcairn Islands                                                        


Republic of Moldova                                                

Ross Dependency                                                      (New Zealand)



Solomon Islands                                                       (gone)

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands             (Falkland Islands)

Sovereign Military Order of Malta                              







Other philatelic websites

Dutch portal site Startkabel (bilingual English and Dutch). Many links to dealers, auctions and themes.

Dutch portal site Verzamelgids (Dutch only). Many links to different subjects for a thematic stamp collection.


collectors' websites

Links page from the Royal Dutch Association of Stamp Clubs (KNBF). Stamp collectors present their websites (in Dutch or English).


members of the Philatelic Webmasters Organization

Links to 400 philatelic sites from 344 PWO members.

Portal site with new issues from various countries, links to many sites and articles on philatelic literature.


Stamp Collector Links

Almost 300 philatelic websites from collectors, associations and dealers from all over the world.


The homepage of Jan Langenberg

A lot of info and pictures from (weird) stamps, revenues, perfins, zemstvos etc. from Russia, Hungary and Denmark. Also pages about Dutch lighthouses and about his collection of whisky labels.



A website that specializes in Commemorative Definitive Decimal Stamps of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Free stamps, competitions and a great blog by Michael Dodd from Sydney, Australia.

A site full of information on postage stamp collecting, news, new issues and a stamp collecting encyclopaedia.


Lituanica on stamps

This is a virtual philatelic collection of Lithuania on world postage stamps. It represents world-wide issued postage stamps about Lithuania, Lithuanians and events.


All Stamps Paradise

A website and a Yahoo Group devoted to swapping stamps.


Nevada Stamp Study Society

The NSSS has over 60 members and meets at 10 am on the second and fourth Saturday of the month at the Sparks Heritage Museum, 820 Victorian Ave, Sparks, Nevada (United States). Every month a magazine 'Post Boy' is issued that can be downloaded from the website. On 10 November 2007 an article was published about the UNOstamps website that can be downloaded here (opens as a pdf in a new window).


Blog timbrée de ma philatélie

Eric is a stamp lover from the French Jura. He collects mint and used stamps from all over the world. Almost every day he writes about the covers he receives.



The United Nations Philatelists, Inc. is an organization of philatelists devoted to the collection, study and exhibition of the issues of the United Nations Postal Administration, the postal history of the United Nations, the issues and postal history of its branches, specialized agencies and forerunners, as well as the world-wide topical issues that call attention to the United Nations, its agencies and programs.


Timbres de France

This 'Stamps of France' website lists all stamps issued by France since 1849. There are a lot of extras like a glossary of philatelic terms and information on how to conserve and classify your collection.


Stamp Paradise

Stamp Paradise, the philatelic reference. A free philatelic directory with a lot of links to philatelic sites all over the world.



Website designed for stamp exchange, sell and buy. Users may upload images of their stamps and order them into an all world stamp catalogue.


Philately news

This website publishes information about new stamps from all over the world. It is updated daily.









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