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I recommend the following sites. They are interesting, or funny, or made by friends of mine. Also this page contains some nice extras.



Björn's adventures

Björn sitting behind a full deskThe world is a strange place, but full of interesting people and challenging events. Björn shares his thoughts, his love, his dreams and much more with us.














EuroBillTracker (EBT) is an international non-profit volunteer team dedicated to tracking Euro notes around the world. Each user enters the serial numbers and location information for each note they obtain into EuroBillTracker. From this information, the site extracts:


  • Diffusion information: Each Euro country has its own range of note serial numbers and from this information we can generate diffusion graphs that tell us how the notes travel to other countries. See the Diffusion section for more information.
  • Tracking information: When a note is re-entered, the users who previously entered it are notified via email. These hits can be seen in the statistics section.
  • Statistics and rankings: Who enters the most notes, which are the best countries? Where are the notes currently situated?


Click on the link below and participate:


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The weather where I live

(well, Rotterdam Airport, the next closest thing)


The WeatherPixie



The grand turkey hunt


The Turkey AwardSome strange game where you have to find a hidden turkey in

an imaginary forest. If you find it, you get this turkey prize.








Angela Lansbury and Bea Arthur - Bosum buddies


(click the image to open the clip)










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