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The hobby

I started collecting postage stamps when I was very young. Later on I specialized in the United Nations. I wasn't satisfied with just collecting the stamps from New York, Geneva and Vienna, so I bought stamps from all over the world depicting the specialized agencies, the programmes and the persons working in the UN system.

The collection

Federation of South Arabia - International Co-operation Year 1965Very soon I encountered a major problem. There is no catalogue that lists all the stamps I wanted to collect. And at that point I realised that there was only one option: make it myself. This website is the result of reading the major stamp catalogues, searching the internet, and also just having a lucky find in a stamp show or in a local shop somewhere in Europe.

I hope this website will bring more people to take an interest in the United Nations, its specialised agencies and the many activities around the world.




Stamp catalogue

The country catalogue

The catalogue contains descriptions of all stamps that can be named to be UNO stamps. Every country pages starts with a brief history of the country and images of the flag and the map. There are links to some information sources, including the local government and the philatelic service. Of course this is not the case when a country or territory doesn't exist anymore.

The stamps are listed in chronological order, followed by stationary (post cards, envelopes, aerogrammes) and special cancellations. All stamp images are from my own collection. If I don't have it, there is no image. The original copyright stays of course with the stamp issuing authority.


If a territory has previously been known by another name and/or continues issuing stamps under another name, links to the appropriate pages are included.


The list includes international organisations that have issued stamps or that used special stamps of the country where they are located (like the International Court of Justice). Also the list includes non-existing countries that have issued UN related stamps (like Dhufar and Nagaland), and revolutionary or exiled governments (like the Indonesian Republic and the South Moluccas). Local posts are treated as a normal territory (like Lord Howe Island).


The catalogue does not give a value. To check the value please use one of the major catalogues. For this purpose the catalogue numbers of Michel, Stanley Gibbons and Yvert are given. For the Netherlands and the Dutch territories the national NVPH catalogue numbers are listed also. For Suriname and Indonesia after the independence catalogue numbers are given from the Zonnebloem-catalogue, that is widely used in the Netherlands.


American visitors should note that no Scott numbers are listed, because the Scott catalogue is not regularly used in Europe and is therefore almost impossible to find on this side of the Atlantic.


To make it more complete the catalogue also includes stamps on the subjects League of Nations and The Hague Peace Conference. These are listed at the end of the UN stamp catalogue.


Go to the list of countries and territories.





UN Headquarters, New York - 50th anniversary celebrationsThe subject catalogue

The subject catalogue lists all subjects and events that are derived from the country catalogue. Each individual subject page contains a short description, images and appropriate links. The stamp catalogue on every subject page makes it easy to finds all related stamps and other items throughout the whole catalogue.


Recurring events, such as the annual meeting of IMF/IBRD, World Food Day or are grouped on one page.


There is also a chronological subject catalogue. Here the different events (commemorations, international years etc.) are listed to quickly find special subjects. Please note that this is only a part of the total subject catalogue.


Go to the subject catalogue or the chronological subject catalogue.





The persons catalogue

The persons catalogue gives more information on the persons depicted on the various stamps. Background information on the life and career of all those who have contributed to the work of the UN system from Heinrich von Stephan to Kofi Annan. Various links give extra information, such as historical documents, pictures, and speeches. A stamp catalogue is added with all the stamps and other items from the country catalogue.


Some stamps depict non-UN persons or organizations. Also stamps may depict works of art made by artists such as painters or sculptors. All these are listed on a special page. This non-UN persons catalogue also includes the persons depicted on the League of Nations and The Hague Peace Conference stamps.


Go to the persons catalogue or the non-UN persons catalogue.





Coins and other items


Freedom from HUnger Campaign 1963 - Wedgewood plate decorated with fruitOver the years I have acquired coins and other items that somehow have a connection to the United Nations. All these items are in due time listed on the website. However I should make it clear that this is just a random collection that is in no way complete.






Important links

Almost every page on the website contains links to more information. The most important links are listed here for easy access to important information.

Philatelic links, to postal administrations and philatelic websites, are listed on a separate page. Also I have added a page with special and personal links.

Go to the links page, the philatelic links page, the personal links page.







UNOstamps is not responsible for the validity of any information on this site. Although every effort is made to keep all information current and valid, at any given time the information on this site may not be totally accurate.


External links

UNOstamps is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. As a rule, external links open in a new window. If this is not the case, or if the external link is a dead end, please report that to me, so I can correct the error.


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Privacy policy

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