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As a result of the Yalta Conference, France was given its own occupation zone in Germany. The border between the American and French sectors was set along the highway Karlsruhe-Stuttgart-Ulm (nowadays the A8). Regions south of the road became part of the French Zone.


France joined the Prussian Hohenzollern(-Sigmaringen) with the southern part of Württemberg to form Württemberg-Hohenzollern and created the state of South Baden from the southern part of the former Baden Free State.


On 18 May 1947 Württemberg-Hohenzollern adopted a constitution. In 1949 parliament adopted the constitution for the West German states and Württemberg-Hohenzollern became a Land of the Federal Republic of Germany on 23 May 1949.



Capital:                        Tübingen

Government:                 parliamentary democracy, part of the French Occupation Zone

Area:                            10.406 km²

Population:                   1.183.934(1950)

Currency:                      Mark (100 pfennig)

UN country code:           -

Internet TLD:                -

Dialling code:                -


Member of:                   no international organizations



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Stamp catalogue


UPU 75th anniversary

date:                   4 October 1949

designer:             Meyer and Pixa

printer:               Druckerei F. Burda, Offenburg, Baden

perforated:          14:14¼

sheet:                 100 (10 x 10)


1     20                post horn, globe, olive branch, text "75 / JAHRE / WELT / POST / VEREIN / 1874 / 1949"


                          (cat. Michel 51/SG FW51/Yvert 51)


Württemberg-Hohenzollern - stamp as described above


2     30                post horn, globe, olive branch, text "75 / JAHRE / WELT / POST / VEREIN / 1874 / 1949"


                          (cat. Michel 52/SG FW52/Yvert 52)


Württemberg-Hohenzollern - stamp as described above









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