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In the 1640s, Réunion was occupied by the French, displacing the Portuguese, who in 1513 had been the first European arrivals on the island. The island became prosperous during the 18th century, along with nearby Mauritius, when it lay on the shipping routes which carried trade between Europe and Asia. Sugar plantations, worked by slaves imported from Africa, formed the other main economic sector.


Réunion was ruled as a colony until 1946 when it was granted the status of an Overseas Department of France, under which it is an integral part of the French State, which is represented on the island by a Commissioner.


Politics in recent years have been primarily concerned with internal autonomy: most people appear to favour an increase beyond the present level but very few support a complete severing of the link with France, particularly as the island is largely dependent economically on aid from the French government.



Capital:                      Saint-Denis

Government:              French overseas department and region

Area:                         252.120 km²

Population:                 476.675 (1974) / 802.000 (2008)

Currency:                   Euro (100 cents), 1975-2002: French franc (100 centimes), 1945-1975: CFA franc (100 centimes)






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Stamp catalogue


UPU Centenary

date:                  6 October 1974

designer:            Pierre Béquet (original stamp)

printer:               Imprimérie de Timbres-Poste, Périgueux, France

perforated:         13


1     60 FCFA       overprint of new value on stamp from France, two birds holding a letter, globe, text "1874 / 1974

                          / CENTENAIRE / DE L'UNION POSTALE UNIVERSELLE"

                          green, red, blue, overprint in blue

                          (cat. Michel 504/SG 501/Yvert 428)


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