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The State of Perlis (Negeri Perlis Indera Kayangan) has its origins during the period of Thai rule over the northern Malay states. The Thais followed a classic "divide and rule policy". They divided the states into smaller units, frequently headed by rival members of the ruling houses. Perlis, a region within Kedah, became a separate polity under the former Sultan Zia ud-din Mukarram Shah II, after he abdicated in 1803.


Sultan Zia's daughter married a Syed of Arabic descent, named Abu Bakar Harun Jamal' ul-Lail. The latter had been Penghulu, or subordinate chief, of Arau since 1797. His son and successor, Syed Husain received promotion to Raja of Perlis Indera Kayangan in 1843, after helping the Thais to suppress a revolt by the Raja of Ligor, one of the micro states into which Patani had been divided. Syed Husain's successors ruled peacefully for the rest of the century, sending the occasional tributes of gold or silver flowers to the Siamese overlord in Bangkok.


By the terms of the 1909 Anglo-Siamese Treaty, Perlis, along with three other Malay states under nominal Siamese control, also became a British Protectorate. Formal sovereignty being transferred in 1911, when Perlis became one of the unfederated Malay states.


Located near the southern Thai border, Perlis was one of the first areas to be attacked by Japanese and Thai forces in 1941. Japanese occupation resulted in the Heir Apparent being set aside when the reigning Raja died in early 1943. This was followed by a return to Thai sovereignty on 20 August 1943. The state was returned to British rule after the Japanese defeat on 8 September 1945. Their nominee as Raja was removed nine days later.


Tuanku Syed Putra, the Heir set aside by the Japanese in 1943, ascended the throne in 1945. He was to prove himself to be, not only the longest reigning Raja of Perlis, but also one of the most enlightened and progressive traditional rulers of Malaysia. His reign lasted for 55 years, during which time the state advanced and progressed beyond recognition. He also served as a very popular and highly respected King of Malaysia between a crucial period between 1960 and 1965. His death in 2000 was keenly felt far outside the borders of his small state.



Capital:                      Kangar

Government:              state of the Federation of Malaya (1948), Malaysia (1963)

Area:                         810 km˛

Population:                 204.450 (2000)

Currency:                   Malaya Dollar (100 cent)






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Stamp catalogue


UPU 75th anniversary

date:                  10 October 1949

designer:            -

printer:               Waterlow & Sons, London (1 and 4), Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co., New Malden (2 and 3)

perforated:         13˝:14 (1 and 4), 11:11˝ (2 and 3)


1     10 cents       Hermes, globe, letter, airplane, boat, train, text "UNIVERSAL / POSTAL UNION / 1874 1949"


                          (cat. Michel 3/SG 3/Yvert 3)


Perlis - stamp as described above


2     15 c             hemispheres, airplane, steamer, text "1874 / UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION / 1949"

                          deep blue

                          (cat. Michel 4/SG 4/Yvert 4)


Perlis - stamp as described above


3     25 c             Hermes scattering letters over globe, text "UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION / 1874 / 1949"


                          (cat. Michel 5/SG 5/Yvert 5)


Perlis - stamp as described above


4     50 c             UPU monument, Berne, text "UNIVERSAL / POSTAL / UNION / 1874 / 1949" and "UNION

                          POSTALE UNIVERSELLE"


                          (cat. Michel 6/SG 6/Yvert 6)


Perlis - stamp as described above









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