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Many historians claimed that Kelantan has been in existence between 8000 and 3000 B.C. According to Chinese historical documents, Kelantan referred to as 'Ho-lo-tan', 'Chih-Tu' and 'Tan-Tan' in these records had maintained links with China. In the 18th Century, the provinces came under a powerful warrior named Long Yunus, whose descendants presently make up the Royal house of Kelantan. Kelantan came under Thai and British influence before becoming part of the Federation of Malaya in 1957 and, Malaysia in 1963.


Kelantan's economy relies mostly on agriculture especially paddy, rubber and tobacco produce. Fishing along its 96-kilometre coastline and livestock rearing are also two important economic activities. Other economic activities include the cottage industries, consist mostly of batik-painting, woodcarving and songket (cloth with gold or silver embroidery) weaving are evident. In recent years, the tourism industry has also become a major money-spinner.



Capital:                      Kota Bharu

Government:              state of the Federation of Malaya (1948), Malaysia (1963)

Area:                         14.943 km˛

Population:                 1.320.000 (2005)

Currency:                   Malaya Dollar (100 cent)






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Stamp catalogue


UPU 75th anniversary

date:                  10 October 1949

designer:            -

printer:               Waterlow & Sons, London (1 and 4), Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co., New Malden (2 and 3)

perforated:         13˝:14 (1 and 4), 11:11˝ (2 and 3)


1     10 cents       Hermes, globe, letter, airplane, boat, train, text "UNIVERSAL / POSTAL UNION / 1874 1949"


                          (cat. Michel 45/SG 57/Yvert 53)


Kelantan - stamp as described above


2     15 c             hemispheres, airplane, steamer, text "1874 / UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION / 1949"

                          deep blue

                          (cat. Michel 46/SG 58/Yvert 54)


Kelantan - stamp as described above


3     25 c             Hermes scattering letters over globe, text "UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION / 1874 / 1949"


                          (cat. Michel 47/SG 59/Yvert 55)


Kelantan - stamp as described above


4     50 c             UPU monument, Berne, text "UNIVERSAL / POSTAL / UNION / 1874 / 1949" and "UNION

                          POSTALE UNIVERSELLE"


                          (cat. Michel 48/SG 60/Yvert 56)


Kelantan - stamp as described above









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