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On 5 June 1945 the Allied Control Council was installed. The remaining part of Germany was divided in four military occupation zones (Besatzungszonen). Berlin was divided into four parts separately. On 23 May 1949 the U.S, Britain and France united their individual sectors to form the Federal Republic of Germany and on 7 October 1949 the Soviet Zone established the German Democratic Republic.


In the American and British sectors a common postal service with its own stamps was started. The French designed stamps for the French Zone and in the Soviet Zone several General Post Offices issued their own stamps. From February 1946 stamps were issued for use in the American, British and Soviet Zones. The French did not join this postal service and decided to issue stamps for the three occupied lands and the Saar protectorate.



Capital:                        Berlin (de jure) / Frankfurt (American zone) / Bad Oeynhausen (British zone) /

            Baden-Baden (French zone)

Government:                 military occupation

Area:                            353.460 km²

Population:                   65.137.274 (29 October 1946)

Currency:                      Reichsmark (100 Reichspfennig)

UN country code:           -

Internet TLD:                -

Dialling code:                -


Member of:                   no international organizations



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Stamp catalogue


Heinrich von Stephan 50th death anniversary

date:                   15 May 1947

designer:             Alfred Goldammer

printer:               Staatsdruckerei, Berlin, Germany

perforated:          14

sheet:                 -

remarks:             on 24 June 1948 these stamps were overprinted by hand for use in the ten regions of the Soviet Zone;

                          a post card was issued with this stamp image in a value of 12 (pfennig)


1     24                portrait of Heinrich von Stephan, text "HEINR. v. STEPHAN † 1897"


                          (cat. Michel 963/SG 949/Yvert 53)


Germany (Allied occupation) - stamp as described above


2     75                portrait of Heinrich von Stephan, text "HEINR. v. STEPHAN † 1897"


                          (cat. Michel 964/SG 950/Yvert 54)


Germany (Allied occupation) - stamp as described above









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