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The British Antarctic Territory consists of that segment of the Antarctic continent lying south of latitude 60S and between longitudes 20 and 80W, comprising the Antarctic Peninsula with all adjacent islands, the South Orkney and South Shetland Islands and the Weddell Sea, as well as the landmass extending to the South Pole.


Two British Antarctic Survey (BAS) research stations are manned the year round - Rothera on Adelaide Island, and Halley V on moving ice off the Caird Coast. There is a summer-only station at Signy in the South Orkney Islands.

Until 1989, the British Antarctic Territory was administered by a high commissioner, resident in the Falkland Islands. In 1989, the administration was moved to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London. The office of commissioner is held by the head of Overseas Territories Department and the administrator is the head of the Polar Regions Section.


Since 1967, the Department of Education and Science in the UK, later the Office of Science and Technology, has been financially responsible for the British Antarctic Survey through the Natural Environment Research Council. Station commanders are appointed magistrates and the courts of the territory are presided over by a senior magistrate or a judge of the Supreme Court. A Court of Appeal was set up in 1965 for hearing appeals from the territory.

Capital: -

Government: British Overseas Territory

Area: 1.709.400 km

Population: 0 (2008)

Currency: British Pound (100 pence)

Internet TLD: -

Dialling code: -






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Stamp catalogue


International Polar Year

date: 14 November 2007

designer: CASB Studio, British Antarctic Survey (photographs)

printer: Johan Enschede Security Print, Haarlem, Netherlands

perforated: 14

size souv. sheet: 97 mm (diameter)


1 aspects of ice core gathering, text "INTERNATIONAL POLAR YEAR 2007-2008"

2 satellite image of Antarctica, text "INTERNATIONAL POLAR YEAR 2007-2008"


(cat. Michel block 14/SG MS 460/Yvert BF)


British Antarctic Territory - souvenir sheet as described above









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