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As a result of the Yalta Conference, France was given its own occupation zone in Germany. The border between the American and French sectors was set along the highway Karlsruhe-Stuttgart-Ulm (nowadays the A8). Regions south of the road became part of the French Zone.


France joined the Prussian Hohenzollern(-Sigmaringen) with the southern part of Wurttemberg to form Wurttemberg-Hohenzollern and created the state of South Baden from the southern part of the former Baden Free State. The new capital from 1 December 1945 was Freiburg im Breisgau.


On 22 May 1947 Baden adopted a constitution which in the preamble stated that South Baden considered itself the successor to the old Baden, even though the larger part of its territory was only part of Baden for the last 150 years. Also it became clear that the state referred to itself consequently as Baden.


In 1949 the Baden parliament adopted the constitution for the West German states and Baden became a Land of the Federal Republic of Germany on 23 May 1949.



Capital:                        Freiburg im Breisgau

Government:                 parliamentary democracy, part of the French Occupation Zone

Area:                            9.646 km²

Population:                   1.300.000 (1945)

Currency:                      Mark (100 pfennig)

UN country code:           -

Internet TLD:                -

Dialling code:                -


Member of:                   no international organizations



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Stamp catalogue


UPU 75th anniversary

date:                   4 October 1949

designer:             Meyer and Pixa

printer:               Druckerei F. Burda, Offenburg, Baden

perforated:          14:14¼

sheet:                 100 (10 x 10)


1     20                post horn, globe, olive branch, text "75 / JAHRE / WELT / POST / VEREIN / 1874 / 1949"


                          (cat. Michel 56/SG FB56/Yvert 56)


Baden - stamp as described above


2     30                post horn, globe, olive branch, text "75 / JAHRE / WELT / POST / VEREIN / 1874 / 1949"


                          (cat. Michel 57/SG FB57/Yvert 57)


Baden - stamp as described above









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