These are the second fifty awards I have received and the very nice comments that came with them. I would like to thank all

award givers for their visits to my website and their friendly words and positive suggestions. I have resized most of the

awards, please forgive me. I invite everyone to visit their sites. It takes you to all corners of the world wide web.



Vintage Kin Green Ribbon AwardVintage Kin Green Ribbon Award - Vintage Kin, Australia

Congratulations Maxim ... your site has been awarded the Vintage Kin Green Ribbon Award. Sites

in this category are user friendly; visually appealing; and most of all, fun to explore! Well done.

Ric, 16 January 2008 - visit

(22 August 2010: award program closed)



Kevin's Site AwardKevin's Site Award - Kevin's Home-Page, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

Very Good Site, lots of info. Thanks Again!!

Kevin Brown, 16 January 2008 - visit








Heiliger Ritter AwardHeiliger Ritter Award / Europareise-Award / Excellence Award - MGB, Germany

I have visited your homepage, but unfortunately there is no guestbook. For your commitment to stamps

I am sending you three awards that you have deserved. I hope that you like them and I hope I made the

right choice.

Ritter Manfred, 14 January 2008 - visit



view the original sized images here




Excellence Award







Feebleminds Award of ExcellenceFeebleminds Award of Excellence - Feebleminds, United Kingdom

Excellent website for the subject matter, clean layout with good navigation. Please find my award

attached. Considering what a good resource your site is I would certainly consider taking the site out

of frames (mainly inaccessible to search engines) and rebuild it with a program like Frontpage or


Jeff, 14 January 2008 - visit


Piano Lady's Gold Site AwardPiano Lady's Gold Site Award - Piano Lady's World, Adrian, Michigan, USA

Congratulations on your outstanding site. I can see you have done a great deal of research and have

taken a lot of time in making it, and for that I'm awarding you my Gold Site Award. Good luck to you

and thank you for making your home on the web such a wonderful place to visit.

Piano Lady Nancy, 14 January 2008 - visit





KiddyKad Award of ExcellenceKiddykad Award of Excellence - Kiddykad's Den, Ohio, USA

Your webpage is incredible. It is obvious that a lot of work went into it. I am honored to have my

award posted there.

Katra Jenkins, 14 January 2008 - visit




Award for Best of the WebAward for Best of the Web - Beatlesnumber9, USA

Congrats on your contribution to the WWW. You can easily tell that this is a subject you love and that

makes for a great website. Thanks for your work.

David Holmes, 11 January 2008 - visit






Gold AwardGold Award - Pottsville Volunteer Fire Department, Texas, USA

You have been chosen to receive our Gold Award

Pottsville VFD, 11 January 2008 - visit





River Pirate Guide Service Elite Website AwardRiver Pirate Guide Service's Elite Website Award - River Pirate, California, USA

After carefully reviewing your site, we would like to honor you with River Pirate Guide Service's Elite

Website Award for surpassing our criteria of excellence in concept, design, layout, rich content and

easy navigation. We acknowledge the effort you have put into your website; the time, hours and

countless obstacles. Display your award with pride! Congratulations on producing a site of excellence.

Steve Mapua, Senior Web Architect, Judge / Vicki Hoffman, Webmaster, 7 January 2008 - visit







Penmarric Bronze 2007 AwardPenmarric Bronze 2007 Award - Penmarric/hugs R us, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi, every year we revisit all of the sites who have won our awards, in all categories. I am thrilled to

tell you that you have won the "Best of the best" award in the bronze category from our Penmarric site.

We take in to account your score [assessment] presentation and appeal.

Linda Smith, webmaster, 1 January 2008 - visit

(22 August 2010: site has disappeared)


Joschi's Award of ExcellenceJoschi's Award of Excellence - The little dog Joschi, Germany

My little dog Joschi and I have just visited your site, and we really like it. That means you have won

Joschi's Award of Excellence. Congratulations!

Ulrich Leive, 23 December 2007 - visit





GShare Award 1. PlatzGShare Award 1. Platz - GShare, Germany

At UNOstamps one can get in a structured surroundings information on the UN, its participants, history

and heroes. Unfortunately the design is not very rich, but it was enough to reach the first place.

GShare, 21 October 2007 - visit


Perm Bronze Heritage AwardPerm Bronze Heritage Award - Heritage of Perm, Russia

Congratulations on winning our bronze award. Your site, UNOstamps, is a really very interesting and


Support Group of Heritage of Perm, 10 September 2007 - visit






Coolinho Silber AwardCoolinho Silber Award - Coolinho Fun and More, Velten, Germany

I am pleased to inform you that your homepage has won the "Coolinho Silber Award". I give this award

because your site has a very nice design. The pages are made in a harmonious way. There are no

unnecessary things, the images are very well chosen and the download times are acceptable. You get 86

out of 100 points.

Micha, 2 September 2007 - visit


Gave Site Award GoudGave Site Award -, Netherlands

We have checked your website and the report is available for all to see. Your average score is 9,2 out

of 10. It is a very nice site. We wish you a lot of fun with your website.

Louis, Gave Site Award Team, 20 August 2007 - visit




Schwenk Navigation Gold AwardSchwenk Navigation Gold Award - Schwenkworld Online, Germany

Your homepage is really good and what navigation is concerned there is not much to be desired.

Therefore we will reward your work with the Schwenk Navigation Gold Award.

Jürgen Schwenk, 19 August 2007 - visit




HTF Gold AwardHTF Gold Award - HTF Awardvergabe Programm, Erftstadt, Germany

Congratulations to a HTF-Gold Award! First a special thank to you, for that we could visit and assess your

Homepage! Now we've visited your Homepage several times and it always was a pleasure to be your

guest! Your Page is full of interesting contents with a lot of variety topics. A simple navigation let us

reach every different page. The loading times were very good and we had not to wait too long until a

page opened properly. On all visits all pictures and links were always reachable, great! Your design is

very well structured and constantly, what we granted. All in all, your Homepage is really something

special and not one of the daily stuff. It was really a great pleasure to assess your Homepage and our

team hopes that you will go on like this.

Uwe Hotz, 15 July 2007 - visit


Gold AwardGold Award - HundeSchnautze4you, Germany

Congratulations ,you have won the Gold Award from Shila-Jay-Lee have a very beautiful site.

Sylvia Schulz, 14 July 2007 - visit

(22 August 2010: site has disappeared)






Bronze CSB AwardBronze CSB Award -, Italy

Congratulations, you win the Bronze award of the CSB Award Program. Thank you for interest in CSB

Award Program and again congratulations for your beautiful site.

Fabrizio Sesana, 11 July 2007 - visit





Bronze WOW Factor AwardBronze WOW Factor Award - WOW Factor Awards, South Africa

Congratulations! Your site has been awarded the Bronze WOW Factor Award. The amount of effort, work

and time it must have taken to get the site to the state it is in is very evident. What a joy to philatelists

the world over this site must be! As you are most probably aware, developing a site in Microsoft Word

and using frames is an outdated way of doing things. You have somehow managed to get it right. Your

site is indeed a worthy winner.

Arnold Goodway, 9 July 2007 - visit

(22 August 2010: site has disappeared)


Silver AwardSilver Award - Magazin am Montag, Laatzen, Germany

Congratulations. With your homepage you have won the Silver Award.

MaM Redaktion, 30 June 2007 - visit

(22 August 2010: award program closed)






Peters bunte Seiten AwardPeters Bunte Seiten Award - Peters bunte Seiten, Suhl, Thüringen, Germany

Your website is a very informative page with clear navigation and a good layout. This site is full of

top-informations and a great addition to the world wide web. The visit at your pages was very

interesting. I would like to present you with the Peters bunte Seiten Award for a TOP-Page.

Peter Nordheim, webmaster, 25 June 2007 - visit


Fotoaward in GoldFotoaward in Gold - Foto-Mayer, Vienna, Austria

Congratulations! Your site was submitted for our Goldaward, it was a joy for me to evaluate this site.

Evaluation: Design very beautiful and the menu is very simple and can be used on all pages, everything

functioned during our visit. The evaluation average was with 8,5 of 10.

Water Mayer, 25 June 2007 - visit

(22 August 2010: no more award program)

Bronze Flame AwardBronze Flame Award - Mc Flame's World, Hamburg, Germany

I thank you for the possibility of being allowed to evaluate this interesting side. Your side contains

an abundance from information to the United Nations-stamps and is really first-class investigates.

For this very informative side I am pleased to be allowed to present to you the Flame-Award in Bronze

with the ID-No. US.0527. I wish much joy with the honor and further many interested visitors.

Sabine Nüsch, webmaster, 16 June 2007 - visit

(22 August 2010: no more award program)


Bronze Glitzer AwardBronze Glitzer Award -, Vienna, Austria

Congratulations! With your site you have won the Glitzer Award! This decision is the result of the

personal opinion of

Alexxandra, "Glitzer Alexx", webmaster, 14 June 2007 - visit

(22 August 2010: no more award program)





Interguide Bronze AwardInterguide Bronze Award -, Graben Neudorf, Germany

Congratulations, you have won an Interguide Award. We hope that you enjoy it and that you keep

working on your website, maintaining the originality in content and graphics. Good luck in the future.

Reiner Heilig, webmaster, 14 June 2007 - visit

(22 August 2010: site has disappeared)



Pelaquita Bronze AwardPelaquita Bronze Award - Pelaquita Persians, Elizabeth, Colorado, USA

Your site is very informative with a great mix of text and graphics. The site navigation is very easy

to use. I enjoyed evaluating your site. Congratulations, your site has earned our Bronze award!

Susan, 12 June 2007 - visit






Mond Award in BronzeMond Award in Bronze - Die Mondfrau, Linz, Austria

Thank you for applying for the MOON AWARD. We have visited your website and it

was a pleasure to navigate trough. The contents of your website is only to declare with this words: It is

really a wonderful treasure for all stamp collectors! How many days, months and years you must have

spent for all this research and information. Great! Now we have finished the evaluation of your site an

we are pleased to give you a MOON AWARD in BRONZE. Congratulations!

Jenny Maass, Moonlady, owner, 6 June 2007 - visit


Becky K's Bronze AwardBecky K's Bronze Award - Turmoil Leads to Hope, USA

Your site is very interesting and full of great information. I enjoyed visiting the site. It is easy to

navigate. Thank you for sharing this great site with us. Congratulations!!!!! It is my pleasure to give

your site, UNOstamps the Bronze Award. Good luck in all your endeavors.

Becky Knouff, Owner, 3 June 2007 - visit

(31 December 2007: award program closed)


Silver AwardSilver Award - Helmut Heiden, Würselen, Germany

Thank you for your Award-application. Today I have therefore visited your homepage. You have won

my Silver Award, congratulations! I really like your pages. They are creatively built, interesting and also

informative. The navigation is clear and the download time is all right. A successful homepage! I wish

you a lot of fun and success with arranging your homepage.

Helmut Heiden, 2 June 2007 - visit




SM-AwardSM-Award - Siegfried's Gedichte Homepage, Meißen, Germany

You applied for my Award, here it is...... have fun.

Siegfried Maier, 1 June 2007 - visit


Gern Blanston AwardGern Blanston Award - Absolute, USA

Congratulations! You are the latest winner of the Gern Blanston Award! After carefully and painstakingly

scrutinizing your site for moments, we at Absolute Robeo flipped a coin, not once but three times, to

decide if your site was worthy of our award. As luck would have it, you won the best two out of three.

Well, okay so you didn't exactly win the best two out of three but we kept flipping the coin until you did

win and that's the important thing.

The Absolute Robeo Awards Staff, 1 June 2007 - visit


LyraLyrix Bronze AwardBronze Award - LyraLyrix, Eggenstein, Germany

Congratulations!!! You have won the Bronze Award (view the original size).

Andreas Köhler, 27 May 2007 - visit

(22 August 2010: site has disappeared)



Reken-AwardReken Award - Walter Hüelsermann, Reken, Germany

I am very pleased that you applied for the Reken Award. I visited your site a couple of times. I was very

surpised to find such a beautiful, young, and also lively and goal-oriented website. Your homepage has a

good construction, is fresh, clear and very inviting. On top of that it is very informative and easy to surf

through. The individual pages load very quick, including the images. All links I tried worked. All texts are

readable for all visitors.

Very fast I could see that this webmaster has a talent for making websites. The structure of the contents

is very good and co-ordinated. The explanations, representations and references on the topic of stamps

are interesting for the visitor and good to take up. It has everything for the visitor. Special is certainly

the variety of stamps. These websites with their information and are not easy to make. Here each

interested visitor will have a great time. I can't name all the good points of your website, for I could

forget something. Simply put, your website is a enrichment to the Internet. I am delighted that it exists.

Walter Hülsermann, webmaster, 26 May 2007 - visit

(22 August 2010: no more award program)


Homepage-AwardHomepage Award - Tierbilder, Neumünster, Germany

I have visited your homepage and looked at it very carefully. I have to say it is a very beautiful and

clear homepage. Interesting contents, fast and easy  to navigate. One can see that you have spent a lot

of effort. Therefore I give you my Homepage-Award.

Siegfried W. Kloth, 26 may 2007 - visit





Nicole Gold AwardGold Award - Nicole Richie, Barβel, Niedersachsen, Germany

You'd been the first one who´d apply with an non-german site. I visited your site, she's very

interesting. I'd never seen a page about Stamps... So you´ll get the gold award from my site. Hope

you´ll like this award. I wish you a lot of success with your site.

Danica Hilwers, Webmiss, 26 May 2007 - visit

                                 (21 August 2010: no more award program)


Pemaweb Bronze AwardPemaweb Bronze Award - Pemaweb, Braunschweig, Germany

I thank for your invitation to pay a visit and judge your pages. The visit at your pages was very

interesting and effective. You hereby earn the Pemawebaward in bronze for the efforts and dedications

in the World Wide Web. Your home page is very recommendable and therefore a good and beautiful

money-making in the net. I wish you a lot of joy with the prize and still a lot of visitors.

Peter Bähr and the Pemaweb Team, 29 April 2007 - visit



Internet Beacon Gold AwardInternet Beacon Gold Award - The Internet Beacon, Chapel Hill, N. Carolina, USA

Your web site, UNOstamps, has qualified for the Internet Beacon Gold Award. This is a well-organized

and easy-to-navigate catalog of stamps and coins, all presented on an attractive site. Very well done.

Congratulations on an outstanding web site.

Vance Elderkin, Webmaster/Owner, 22 April 2007 - visit


Diskus Bronze AwardDiskus Bronze Award - Diskus Award Programm, La Chapelle Naude, France

UNOstamps is is an informative web page, the design good and the navigation is clear. We would like to

price this work, with a discus bronze Award ID.306. Thanks, that we were allowed to visit this informative


Dieter and Dora Schneider, 14 April 2007 - visit






Silver Award of ExcellenceSilver Award of Excellence - Descendants of Thomas Sims Graves, USA

We are most pleased to honor your site with our Silver Award of Excellence. Your site was a great

resource for stamps and we enjoyed our visit.

Mike Graves, 8 April 2007 - visit

(21 August 2010: award program retired)



The Butterfly Site AwardThe Butterfly Site Award - The Butterfly Site, Washington, USA

Thanks for applying for our award! We have visited your website and really

appreciate your helping make the Web a more interesting, useful and attractive place to visit.

CONGRATULATIONS, we are pleased to give you our award!

We liked your site enough to give you an award from our store as well!

Randi Jones, entomologist, 29 March 2007 - visit




Butterfly Award






Renald's Gold AwardRenald's Gold Award - MC Renald's Homepage, Möckern Loburg, Germany

Congratulations. You have spent a lot of time and that should be rewarded!!! With Renald's Gold Award.

Of course there is always, also with your website, something to change, to improve or to expand, but I

think one should just give some credits. For the future I wish you all the best and many more Awards.

Renald Barth, webmaster, 23 March 2007 - visit

(21 August 2010: no more award program)




Women of Strength & Inner Beaty Gold AwardWomen of Strength & Inner Beauty Gold Award - WOSIB, California, USA

Congratulations! The WOSIB Judges have reviewed your site and it has won the Women of Strength

& Inner Beauty Gold award (Instructional/Informational) the highest award of the three given in this

category. Judges Comments: "This is a fabulous site and would definitely a treasure trove of

information for a collector or hobbyist. The site is well organized, easy to navigate and colors and

graphics are interesting and easy on the eyes." Thank You and Congratulations! (view original size)

Terre, WOSIB Judges Garden, 21 March 2007 - visit


It's Wishcraft!!! Bronze AwardIt's Wishcraft!!! Bronze Award - It's Wishcraft!!!, Fryslân, Netherlands

Here for you is my It's Wishcraft!!! Bronze Award!!! The contents of your website and the research you

have done... I am without words. The design of your website is a bit simple. If that changes you will

score even more points. (view the original size)

Hannah, 18 March 2007 - visit



Planeta Foto Silver AwardSilver Award - Planeta Foto, Goiânia, Brazil

The Photo Planet Award Program has the pleasure of grant his Silver Award for your nice website

"UNOstamps", congratulations! In our evaluation your site detached itself by its informative and very

interesting content and by the easy navigation, receive our fulfillments.

Lupércio Mundim, 18 March 2007 - visit

(17 August 2010: award program temporarily suspended)




Karaoke Star AwardKaraoke Star Award - Probable Cause Karaoke, Texas, USA

Congratulations, I am pleased to present you with my award. It is obvious that you have spent a lot of

time and effort on your site. Thank you and congrats again on a great job!

Probable Cause Entertainment, 18 March 2007 - visit

(17 August 2010: site has disappeared)



Phat Way Traffic Diamond AwardDiamond Award - Phat Way Traffic, Texas, USA

Congratulations, you’ve won an award! Phat Way Traffic is honored to present you with our web site's

Diamond Award. Your entire web site was thoroughly evaluated. Upon completion of the evaluation, It is

decided that your web site meets all of the necessary requirements as set forth in our criteria, which

entitles you to receive our award. Your site was a pleasure to visit.

Sherri Charland, 18 March 2007 - visit

(17 August 2010: site has disappeared)




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